Special versions of the mini el / city el

I have seen many modified City-El, here is a small selection.

Note: With some of the changes the general operating permit of the vehicle can be lost, one loses thereby the permission to drive on the street and insurance protection.

Other engines

Peter Senkowski from Glen Ellen California, sells City-El's in USA, is also a Sparrow dealer, and is the twin brother of Ulrich Senkowsky, City-el dealer from Hattingen / Germany.

Peter has considerably modified his vehicle, with more batteries and a larger motor, and holds several 1/8 mile speed records with it.

Technical data of his " sonic el:

Speed 72 mph(!)
Battery 9 Optima
Battery voltage 108 Volt
Engine Advanced DC A89 6hP/48HP peak
Motor control CURTIS 1221R 72-120V 400A 48KW
Battery charger Zivan  


  city el with " broad tires "

OTHER modifications in progresses:

Stefan Sachs of the OECOSACHS inserted the proven disk motor, which moves also substantially heavier vehicles. The City-El could run thereby problem-free 120 km/h. The speed is however limited on 55 km/h. The belt drive with engine mounting plate was heavily modifed and gets along now without idlers. The electrical wiring simplified itself, with cable diameters increased to 35mm. Result of the first tests: 55km/h, longer upward gradients with 30 to 40km/h, 3Âh on 29km (4,3kWh/100km).




Installation of an unknown, probably stronger direct current motor

A mini el with three-phase motor seen at a track meet in Switzerland

Other batteries

Nickel cadmium

Peter Disler equipped a series 1 a mini el with nickel cadmium batteries.

NC Heli China

I had my own vehicle equipped for a short time with Chinese numerical controls batteries. After a very brief time I returned these. Not every numerical control battery is suited to this application.

Saft STM

1.2V 113Ah

Nickel cadmium batteries, model JUICE, with and automatic electrolyte filling system was offered by the company JME Heidelberg. The somewhat low system voltage of 28,8V could be increased by adding further cells in the trunk.

Lead Acid

4 lead batteries 100Ah

As I have driven for many years. Some difficulties, (tight fit of batteries, needs new controller and charger, capacity meter no longer functions) however it works.

Optima Yellow Top

You see a 48Volt Version


The installation of Hawker Genesis " pure lead " technology batteries into City-El

Hood / upper section

In Vienna I photographed this City-el.

A Cabrio with Hardtop. For the winter one can put the Hardtop on by properly matching a framework on the lower part.

The seat originates from a Matra? - the owner swears by the new construction

My own vehicle, constructed in 1989, also some has modifications. The defective closed hood has been converted to a Cabrio. The front side windows are retained, and the upper edge of the hood strengthened with an aluminum frame. The convertible top is stitched by a professional, domestic sewing machines cannot handle it.
The picture here on left was taken approx. 5 years before the picture above. Cosmetiacally, the vehicles hardly age.

Solar modules

A surely not everyday life-suited solar el seen on the " route de Sol " in Switzerland.

3 solar modules in an everyday life version. The three 12V modules can be attached without a DC/DC transducer directly to the batteries with the appropriate charging electronics. The yield of such a system (3X12W module) is not however more than 5-8 km range/sunny day.


"Suisse Edition" with additional lights

Cable holder

Enno Meiers Cockpit

Carpet lining of one vehicle

rear speaker, mounted behind the seat

Complete changes

Christian Leu from Switzerland

modified this City-el very early. Not much remains original. This vehicle has a completely a different rear axle and two seats. Christian participated with this vehicle in the first years of the " route de Sol ", always right in front.

Special versions

Fire-brigade City-el " fire weasels "

Equiped " ex factory ", with a high pressure fire extinguishing system for use in shopping centers or warehouses.

IFEX 3000 Minifex unit consists of a 50-ltr water tank, a hose reel with 20 m of coaxial hose, without druckluftflasche with 300/25/6 bar printing modulator and the IFEX 3001 impulse pistol. The water tank is under 6 bar, and the impulse pistol under 25 bar. The druckluftflasche has a capacity of 50 impulse shots. The water tank is equipped with feet and handles for a fast and simple installation. The hose drum swivels 180 degrees horizontally. The unit is fastened by means of stand and mounting plates to the frame of the vehicle.

Technical description:
Capacity water tank 50 ltr.
Foam concentrate 6 ltr./200 bar
Printing modulator 300/25/6 bar
Watertank Pressure 6 bar
Füllungseinheit 50 mm
Sicherheitsventil 6,3 bar
Siren Manually operated
Impulse-Pistol Pressure 25 bar
Impulse Pistol capacity 1 ltr.
effektive Feuerlösch-Reichweite 1 bis 10 m
Length co-axial-Hose 20 m
L x H x T 800 x 900 x 700 mm
Unit weight (full) 90 kg
Info from Jürgen Thiesen

Here is a special version from cardboard for building. Gladly I would offer the original to for the Download. Some people were however put much work into this, therefore one can do it only against small fee:

www.solarmodelle.de refer.

This version is absolutely free. my wife painted this City-el as a glass painting to my window, if my view ever deviates from the monitor.


The final word...

 Perhaps the fastest mini el, although not as the designer intended


Even if you have only prints, send them to me: