City-el goes CabinScooter

The company CITYCOM AG was represented at the ELTEFA 99, a trade fair for electro-technology and electronics from September 29 to October 1 1999.

Hall 14 belonged completely the City-Els, here anyone who wanted could "test drive". As an "Old Pro " I gladly did a few turns round the hall. A whole fleet of vehicles awaited visitors and were eagerly used. I also got a cool certificate!!!

I had time for a short discussion with Karl Nestmeier, the Chief Executive Officer of CITYCOM AG.

CityCom Electrical Mobile GmbH, with the help of it's customers and suppliers has been reorganized as CITYCOM AG. Extensive investments were carried by the initial shareholders, so that CITYCOM AG starts free from the baggage of the prior companies. As of this writing (30 September 1999) shares were not yet on public offer. More info can be obtained directly from the manufacturer.

Karl showed me some vehicle improvements, which have been on the "wish list" for a long time:

Many of the improvements simultaneously reduced costs. Almost all these improvements also fit older vehicles.

Purchasers can also assemble their own vehicle! In a two-day Workshop one can become a "rivethead" (American slang for automobile assembly line worker) with a new vehicle to assemble. Apart from knowledge of the vehicle which one in the shortest time gains, and the fun, the vehicle price is also reduced.

The following improvements still pend:

Different cities in Europe are creating good basic conditions for electric vehicles, so that orders are already increasing.

Altogether the enterprise seems to be on a very good way, I wish that all companies were so well run.

Ralf Wagner

last modification 07.12.99