How does it look in an accident?

This is how it could look!

image of white city-el after 45 kM/hr crash © Kuerten-gmbh


This is the result of a real accident. As you see, the lower bowl tore, but the footwell remained intact. The hollow part of the front wheel housing took up the energy to the larger sections. The driver suffered light injuries (whiplash). This vehicle was repaired by replacing the entire lower body section. Depending upon age of the vehicle, it may be an economic total loss, since the expenditure of time is quite high for the change. On the other hand, the total repair costs with typical touring cars can become higher, faster, than with the electric vehicle...
image of red BMW with minor, but expensive damage © Kuerten-gmbh

The Statistics

After analyzing accident statistics Danish insurance companies rated the City-el in all areas far better than the average.

One Danish company in 1991 compiled the accident numbers: The MiniEl (today's CityEl) caused from 1.1.87 - 1.1.91 only half as many accident claims as  statistically expected.



1500 accidents

735 accidents

125 injured

29 injured

1,5 dead

0 dead

The number of personal injuiry claims, substantially smaller than normal, is particularly interesting!

The Practice

In service, the roll bar has given the occupants good protection, and the lower tub is very stable.

There were accidents where the cityel was able to go, the other "normal" car not.

Body Repairs

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