Front wheel

Vorderrad aufhängung

City-El has a front shock strut has similar to a scooter with a short rocker and an absorber leg.

The picture here is of series 1 vehicle, therefore still levers are to be seen there for the accommodation of the bowden cable for the parking brake.





Rear wheels


In the back quarter-elliptic leaf springs with absorbers are installed. The spring travel is particularly short in the back. It can occur with older series that the motot hits the middle battery and damages it. Some El s are situated so deeply that shock absorber " rides " constantly on its rubber stop, the suspension comfort suffers here naturally. Stronger feathers/springs are fitted since ca.1995 series. Older vehicles can be re-fitted easily with the new feathers/springs. With some older vehicles feathers/springs are already broken. My City-El is also sagging due to distortion of the battery basket at the spring fixing point.

Feather/spring change in the back

The installation takes place then similarly to the removal. With the fact it is important that one does not let spannings arise (with the feathers/springs)... Best one meets this in which one the work procedures for both pages always directly executes.

With some vehicles aluminum shims installed between the springs and the battery basket to raise the ride height.

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