Steering element

Work on the steering element may be executed only by specialists.


The steering element in el is starts with the steering column, which extends when opening the hood.

Over a universal joint the steering movement will operate to a cone gear wheel. In that black " cathedral " a quarter gear wheel sits directly on the fork, on this runs the cone gear wheel.





Guidance play

A problem that to emerge can, is play in the steering element. As with other vehicles, one should not be able to move the steering wheel any more than two fingers with fixed front wheel.

First one should control the play in the steering column (steering wheel toward end of the steering column), the play is however quite difficult there to determine. If play is present, the complete steering column (both sections) must be exchanged.



The play within the area of the universal joint very often occurs. The plastic in the joint deflects or the openings for the accommodation of the two screws with the self-locking nuts wears.

Only exchanging the sections concerned helps also here



As last possibility still the play between cone gear wheel and plate gear wheel remains. This play can be adjusted. The three screws which the bevel gear unit in the cathedral to hold can be loosened - the whole unit can be rotated then in the long holes. With this turn and lowers themselves the cone gear wheel on the plate gear wheel lifts. This adjustment must be executed in the unloaded status (el raised). Practice shows however that the guidance play is too scarce then in the loaded status. Here feinfuehligkeit is announced.

The adjustment here must be executed very carefully. In extreme cases the cone gear wheel sits so high that it does not reach the plate gear wheel - the steering wheel spins freely. -






Defects at the steering element develop if you try to turn the steering wheel with the hood open. In particular at exhibitions this occurs again and again. The people place themselves in el and turn by force at the steering wheel. The defect occurs then at the horizontal fork of the universal joint, which must be exchanged.